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Since 2022, a restaurant, a concert hall and workspaces have been realized on the site of the former water treatment plant in Amsterdam Noord. Beside our events, there is also the garden where you can do and learn all kinds of things (...) Read more about this unique area, who we are and what we do.

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Who we are

Op het terrein van Het Groene Veld is een bonte verzameling van kunstenaars, organisaties en kleine zelfstandigen gehuisvest. Lees hier meer over wie dit zijn en wat zij zoal doen.

Valentina Bruno

Italian Valentina Bruno is always busy. She makes theatre, is a singer and a lighting technician. She has always wanted to make autonomous work in the theater and to be able to work independently

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Malak Foundation

The objective of the Malak foundation is to help women with social participation, supporting women with various requests, to promote self-reliance and to create a positive connection in

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Furniture creation Houtonoom

Nienke has worked hard to build a shed next to the Pompgebouw. There she will start up her Houtonoom furniture making business again. It has been around for 17 years now.

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FR. Jan 27th: The First Jazz and such

Neighborhood drinks for the neighborhood

Every third Friday of the month. A good opportunity to meet the residents and the users of Het Groene Veld, but also to meet your fellow neighbors, and to see the terrain.

Zaterdag 21 januari:
Hiphop Drum&Bass Cafe + Open Mic