On this page you'll find the agenda of Het Groene Veld. When you can help out in the garden, eat vegetarian in the Machinegebouw Restaurant, there are concerts, and more.


The Jackson Pollock ea

The Jackson Pollock. A blasting Garage Punk duo that sounds like six of them, one would hardly believe that such a small, so sweet little girl can cannonball and smash a 22” ride with such force . Friday, March 31, 2023 at 9:00 PM at Het Groene Veld.

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Bassculture soundsystem

Bassculture soundsystem brings you the finest soundz from Amsterdam. This ‘crispy’ beast with bass heavy scoops will be your best friend on the dancefloor. The soundsystem comes with our ‘vinyl- only’ selektors: Vette Mette & Jah Depender and friends. Saturday april 1 from 20:00 till 03:00 h. in the Machinegebouw at Het Groene Veld.

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Kinderpret: In your Element

Kinderpret: In jour Element: FIRE (6+) Nature play afternoon with workshops by the ADM + Kinderpret crew. Saturday apr 8, 14.00-17.00h

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Orion Visitors Soundsystem

At April 8th ORION VISITORS is returning to Het Groene Veld once again. This time to fill the night with TEKNO music. With a great selection of DJ's, and of course, our full Orion Visitors soundsystem.

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Trikosis KLETSCH!

Trikosis albumrelease: Finally the new Trikosis album KLETSCH! is ready to be celebrated!

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