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Paellia Punk

12 July 2023 @ 19:00 - 13 July 2023 @ 02:00

A wonderful international mix with punk music from Spain, Germany, Latvia and the Canary Islands.

Het Machinegebouw at Het Groene Veld
Entrance: €7
Start at 07:00 PM
End at 02:00 AM


The Cataphiles, are a goth punk collective, from Bremen, Germany. In 2022 the four band members released their self-titled debut album Cataphiles. The album was recorded live in January 2022 at Sunsetter Recording Studio Bremen.

The musical influences on their album are as diverse as the artists themselves. They’ve taken inspiration from the Cure in its more poppy phase, they tribute death rock, they use current and classical goth rock sounds and then give it a post-punk edge.

The dual male/female voices in combination with synth charged sounds, give a gloomy depth to their music and elevate their sounds. In doing so, the band brings back the dark flair of the 80s but with a new outlook.


The three girls in Haren, from Murcia in Spain, are here to bring you back to the roots of authentic streetpunk. Haren is a streetpunk band that has carved its name into the heart of the local punk scene. They are known for their raw energy, rebellious spirit, and unapologetic attitude.

Real punk, no posturing, no frills, no post-modernist bullshit that strays from the punk essence. Watch out, the sparks come flying your way with their stage presence. This trio from Murcia doesn't give a damn about anything and claims authenticity. They attack the punk elite, puritanism, social protocols, and their oppressive canons. Damn it, they are a fucking punk band.


Tensö is a punk trio from Tenerife and they are part of the Hermano Mono punk collective on the Canary Islands. Through their music and initiatives these three young band members aim at the music industry's structural issues. “We are an anarchist gang that is not going to be asking anyone for permission to do what we want, we are not going to wait for them to give us the go-ahead to do what we think we should. It is really important in a time like today: self-management culture.

We are what we are, rats wanting a breath of new air.” Jo C, the drummer said in an earlier interview. And you can tell from their songs: their furious lyrics are aimed at combating the deception imposed on us by the media of the class system which is bought by those who can buy everything. Tensö brings us do it yourself, counterculture, craziness and mischief!


From punk scene to rave scene, from four piece band to one man army, from diesel engines to bike powered tours, formerly of Riga Latvia's acclaimed Beyond The Borders

Alien state plays punk/hardcore that you have never heard since 2005, went through many changes of line up, but kept original rave punk style of music converged with pedal-to-the-metal-full-on live shows.

Haren, Murcia, Spanje
A wonderful international mix with punk music from Spain, Germany, Latvia and the Canary Islands featuring CATAPHILES, HAREN, TENSÖ and ALIEN STATE