Kirsten Heshusius

Kirsten (43 years old) has started a new life at Het Groene Veld. She has been involved in this incubator in Amsterdam North from the beginning. Her studio is in the Warehouse Building, at the back.


She made her place all her own and built it herself with others. Skylights illuminate a large work table. Convenient cabinet racks hold bins and crates of fabrics, tools, beautiful pieces of wood and other materials.

Four large sewing machines, capable of making different fabrics and stitches stand opposite a rack full of performance materials. Kirsten is a jack-of-all-trades. What she sees with her eyes, she can make with her hands. What she imagines and experiences in her head she can translate into ' Live art' .

Kirsten Heshusius Performance Black Bird


Her main activity is therefore her (solo) performances. Her poetic performances are for all ages. She does not use language but works visual. She touches her audience on a metaphysical level with her political, autobiographical and abstract performances. She works with nature and children are always welcome. Street theater is in her blood.

Making objects

She earns money by giving sewing lessons for the refugee support center in Boost, Amsterdam Oost to undocumented people. You can also hire her. She has experience in making objects for theater.

Performance Kirsten Heshusius

She finds the technical execution of (complicated) designs interesting. As a seamstress she also does all kinds of jobs from bags to sunshades, from curtains to clothing repairs.

Kirsten is very handy and also works as a house painter. Think window frames, doors and other maintenance jobs.

Theater teacher

In the past she has done film catering for about 60 people, taught online course in corona time to performance artists. She is a graduate theater teacher (Artez) and has worked in the past with companies such as Warner & Consorten and Aardlek.

She is currently studying the history of Feminism. In short, a handy woman with many interests and drive.

For her, the Green Field is a challenging new life, because you can achieve much more together than alone; you meet people who live outside your own circle and bubble and inspiration and challenges always come your way in such a free environment, where everyone can be themselves.

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Kirsten Heshusius op Het Groene Veld
Kirsten is a jack-of-all-trades and has a studio in the Warehouse Building. Her main activity are her (solo) performances for all ages.