Furniture creation Houtonoom

A lot of hard work has gone into erecting a shed next to the Pompgebouw. There, Nienke restarted her furniture workshop Houtonoom. It is now 17 years old this year. 

In those years she has worked on a wide variety of large and small projects. Mostly cabinets, but also kitchens, company interiors and carpentry. Her company has also regularly offered internships to girls to show them that women can also find satisfaction, creativity and work in technology. 

Ries will strengthen Houtonoom with his extensive technical knowledge and steel work. He has a long history in the alternative music and festival world. Now it is time for him for something new and he wants to focus on broadening and strengthening Houtonoom. Also, now that the warehouse is there, he can finally work on all the ideas and designs that are still singing around in his head.

They have three sons, Silas (14), Senne (11) and Ravi (8), who can now also be found regularly on the Groene Veld. Nienke and Ries are looking forward to building many beautiful things, using their knowledge and skills for Het Groene Veld and enjoying all the cross-fertilization that a place like this provides.

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Nienke has worked hard to build a shed next to the Pompgebouw. There she will start up her Houtonoom furniture making business again. It has been around for 17 years now.