Valentina Bruno

Valentina likes to challenges. She came to Amsterdam almost 9 years ago to rediscover herself in a new place.

Her studio offers her a place to work and create, but it is also a place to get to know other artists. The collaboration with Circusbende arose thanks to the Groene Veld.

Her studio, much to her own surprise, also has a shaft. Valentina wants to make a small theatre here. Where she and other artists can give small performances including for example puppetry.

She will soon arrange a theatre spring-program for "Teatro del Montacarichi" with solo performers and workshops with experts from Napoli to learn the Guarrattelle puppetry art. For children from the neighborhood but adults are welcome too.

During the 25th anniversary of the ADM Festival, she was the lighting technology coordinator, but that doesn't mean you can't find her singing as well. Valentina also gives singing lessons for those interested.

The Italian Valentina Bruno makes theatre, is a singer and lighting technician. Soon she will organize a theater program.