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Rotofil Khonaar, The Burners & Zibabu

17 May 2024 @ 20:30 - 18 May 2024 @ 02:00

Energetic DIY mix

Go wild with these three unconventional misfits! On Friday May 17 Rotofil Khonaar, The Burners and Zibabu will play the stars from heaven in Het Machinegebouw on Het Groene Veld.The show starts at 8:30 PM and ends at 2:00 AM. The entrance fee at the door is 5 euros (!)


Rotofil Khonaar, a bass/drums duo from Toulouse

The Burners, one of Amsterdam's biggest secrets

Zibabu - Hardworking cleaning ladies from another galaxy.

Rotofil Khonaar (Fr)

Rotofil Khonaar is a bass/drums duo from Toulouse. What to expect: smooth drums, rhythmic bass combined with absurd lyrics. The formation is an energetic mix of punk and jungle with a Do-It-Yourself attitude. From performing in squats to organizing your own free parties, Rotofil Khonaar always comes with a mission to party.

Rotofil Khonaar 17 mei 2024 HGV

The Burners (NL)

The Burners are one of Amsterdam's biggest secrets. As a band they appear live irregularly, but their performance is sensational and leaves you with an undeniable energetic drive.

“Roughly the sound consists of strong songs and edge. They produce a sound that is slightly chaotic and reminiscent of punk. Yet the melodic content gives room to approachable phrases of pop and electro; uplifted but raw.”

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The Burners 17 mei 2024 HGV

Zibabu (NL)

Hard working cleaning ladies from another galaxy to help with all your dirty underground parties: Space Punk Skiszo Ska Eclicticore Cliche Rock Intergalactic Brain Cleaning
Techniques Top 40 Stellar Showtunes Plunger Powerpop DIYcore Heavywood Skacore Post Crossover Noise Anti-SVNA Spastic Dub Quantum Hip-Hop Punk Ska.

Zibabu 17-mei-2024 hgv

Het Machinegebouw

Buikslotermeerdijk 95
Amsterdam, Nederland
Zibabu 17-mei-2024 hgv
Concert on Friday, May 17, 2024 with Rotofil Khonaar, a bass/drums duo from Toulouse - The Burners, one of Amsterdam's biggest secrets and Zibabu, hardworking cleaning ladies from another galaxy.