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An uncertain future for Het Groene Veld

Date: 31-10-2023

Het Groene Veld has become a special place that many residents of the North and people from Amsterdam have discovered in the past year. It's a 7-hectare green area just outside the city ring near Buikslotermeerplein. Local residents and the ADM Community have quickly turned it into a beautiful, vibrant meeting place.
Hundreds of cultural day and night events have already taken place, and dozens of community projects by local residents, proactive Amsterdammers, or organizations have given a diverse and inclusive character to this lively place.

However, the agreement for this free cultural zone and the stay of the ADM community is set to end on October 1, 2024. Luckily, discussions with the municipality on the possibilities of continuation are in progress.

But the municipality is planning a redevelopment of the area in which the local community is unfortunately not sufficiently involved, and there is currently no provision for the ADM community. The plan includes a Vattenfall district heating plant, a land claim by TenneT, and the construction of a rugby field. This would stifle a vital local initiative and result in the loss of not only 40,000 square meters of nature but also the presence and cultural programming of the ADM Community.

With enthusiasm, the local community presented a neighborhood vision to the district council earlier this year, which we fully support. In this vision, we offer constructive alternatives to the municipal plans. There has been some movement within the municipality, but a solution still seems distant.

That's why we will soon initiate actions to sustain Het Groene Veld as a flourishing fringe area within the framework of the Expedition Free Space, serving both the city and the countryside sustainably. More news will follow.

Stay tuned for developments and the program; we will need your support!

Het Groene Veld - Wat nu?
The future for Het Groene Veld is uncertain. The agreement for this free cultural zone and the stay of the ADM community is set to end on October 1, 2024. More news will follow.