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Since its foundation, Het Groene Veld has not only realised a restaurant, a garden and a concert hall, but also various workspaces. These have been taken into use by a colorful collection of artists, organizations and small self-employed people in the creative sector.

See who works at Het Groene Veld and what they are doing. This page contains the first 11 and in the coming period we will continue to supplement this series with new faces.

Jente Eenkhoorn Het Groene Veld

Jente Eenkhoorn

As an independent entrepreneur, Jente works for film and theater productions. Then she is part of the art department and is involved in set construction and making (special) props. In the summer Jente builds up tents.

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Aimée Phillips op Het Groene Veld

Aimée Phillips

Het Groene Veld feels like home to Aimée. She loves the dynamics, the diversity of people, arts and crafts that come together here.

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Nadja Cohen Atelierhouder op Het Groene Veld

Meet Nadja

Nadja Cohen lives in Amsterdam Noord and works at the Poortgebouw, where she paints and draws and edits photos with the computer

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Mauri op Het Groene Veld

Multi talent Mauri

The originally Polish artist Mauri sees a strong resemblance between martial arts and his own work. In his 'workshop' in the Poortgebouw you are surrounded by black and white and colorful creations by his hand.

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Earthworks,Amsterdam, een Internationaal dub georiënteerd collectief.

Earthworks Amsterdam

Earthworks works with musicians, artists and bands of all different styles, backgrounds and genres. They specialize in vintage audio equipment and offer an extensive list of music services, including recording & rehearsal, mixing & mastering facilities and labeling and distribution services.

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Kirsten Heshusius op Het Groene Veld

Kirsten Heshusius

Kirsten is a jack-of-all-trades and has a studio in the Warehouse Building. Her main activity are her (solo) performances for all ages.

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Anna Requena en Padmini Peng - Niet normaal

Not Normal

Everything happens in the studio of Anna Requena and Padmini Peng as long as it is Not Normal. There is a boutique with second-hand clothes that have been upcycled by Padmini (you're welcome to come and have a look!).

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Zen en zingen met Titia op Het Groene Veld

Surrender to Zen and Singing

Do you want to put your monkey mind on pause every now and then? Being able to escape from all stimuli more often outside that seem to dictate our lives? The good thing is, you can train that. And that's not at all complicated, says Titia Bloemhof. With Zen and Zingen she unites two passions; meditate and music.

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Anouk van der Jagt

Fiftyfifty Mediation. Anouk has been working as a conflict mediator for almost six years. Recently, Anouk can be found almost daily at the gray-blue house under the trees of Het Groene Veld.

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Valentina Bruno

The Italian Valentina Bruno makes theatre, is a singer and lighting technician. Soon she will organize a theater program.

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Stichting Malak

Malak Foundation

The aim of Stichting Malak is to help women with social participation, to support them with various requests for help, to promote self-reliance and to create a positive connection in the neighbourhood.

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Together, Chiva Bons and Do Verschragen founded Circusbende. In 2018, 3 successful festival editions passed. Then they decided they really needed an office and a workshop.

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