Activities Het Groene Veld

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Het Groene Veld organizes a wide range of social and cultural activities. Het Groene Veld also houses organizations and creative people. We will keep you informed of the latest developments via Instagram and Facebook, but also with our newsletter (sign up now) houden we je op de hoogte van de laatste ontwikkelingen.

In the Machinegebouw on Het Groene Veld (capacity 250 visitors). The programming also offers space for film, performances and theater. Want to know what's going on? View the agenda!

The Eetcafe ADM Noord in the Machinegebouw and the outdoor terrace are open every Friday from 6 p.m. Food is served between 7:00 PM and 9:00 PM.

The poortgebouw offers space for cultural and social organizations as well as studios for creative people. For example the social organization Malak Foundation is housed there, as well as the children's circus Circusbende.

Het Magazijngebouw (The Warehouse Building) has recently been put into use. This building, located between the concrete silos, houses a record label and various work spaces have been created. You will soon be able to read more about it on this website.

Want to know who's residing on the terrain?
On the page Who we are (Who we are) we introduce you to current users of Het Groene Veld. This is a series of personal stories that we regularly update with new faces.

Het Groene Veld hasn't appeared out of nowhere by itself. On the page "About" you can read more about the history

Het Groene Veld is open daily for walkers and cyclists. Continue to the North Holland Canal, take a moment of silence around the water basins, have a picnic on the grass or follow the Pepijnpad (external link).

Take-Off Festival, fotograaf Guillermo España 2022 (c)
Het Groene Veld is from now on open daily for pedestrians and cyclists. Take a shortcut to the Noord Hollands Kanaal, take a moment of silence around the water basins, a picnic on the grass, or follow the Peppijn path.